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  • New Happenings in Central Square

    Whenever the word ‘danger’ comes up, people become cautious and attentive trying to find out the cause.  No one would suspect danger to be paired with the word awesome. That’s exactly what the company danger!awesome has done.  Danger!awesome is a company combining three happenings in technological business trends, laser-cutting, laser-engraving, and 3D Printing. This company […]

  • Valentine’s Day Happenings

    Looking for that perfect Valentine’s date? Trying to find the best spot to take your loved one for that romantic dinner? Do you want a city that not only houses office and industrial spaces, but great restaurants as well? Would you like to spice up that romantic dinner with a little bit of fun? Then […]

  • The New Alternative to Leather Desk Chairs

    By now, virtually all of the United States (at least) knows of Marissa Meyer, who was appointed to be the CEO of Yahoo! back in 2012.  When thinking of Meyer, one of the things that come to mind are probably all the changes that Meyer made when taking on her new position.  Personally, I also think […]

  • Somerville’s Magoun Square Changed – Gentrification

    Somerville’s Magoun Square is becoming a different area, changed by yoga and bikes. There is a shift in urban community towards wealthier residents and businesses bringing with it a new personality. Some may say that this is a good change, while others who currently enjoy the urban community see this change as losing some of […]

  • Calling All Chocolate Lovers

    On a cold and frigid day, and at anytime of the day there is nothing better than a scorching mug of hot chocolate. Not only is Boston known for its extravagant restaurants it’s also known for its cafes. If you’re looking for that perfect drink to heat you up after a cold day out and […]

  • Leased: 4,000 Sq Ft of Industrial Space in Somerville

        Toni Shelzi, of ABG Commercial Realty, represented the lessee, Soar Enterprises LLC,  and lessor, Joy Street Limited Partners, in the lease of a 4,000 square foot of industrial and flex space at 64 Joy Street in Somerville.  The lease was signed on January 15, 2014. Joy Street Limited Partners also works in conjunction […]

  • Kendall Square Startup – CoUrbanize

    A new Kendall Square startup, coUrbanize, creates websites which serve as a meeting place to hold community project and development discussions. This “has become a player in Cambridge civic life” according to Cambridge Daily. coUrbanize recently took a look at “bankification” in Harvard Square and Central squares and compared the number of banks to cafes. […]

  • Kendall Apartment Tower with Garden New and Improved

    When in Boston the constant bustling of all surroundings can be overbearing at times. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to relax, or if you’re a nature loving individual you can come appreciate some of the beauties in life with The Kendall Apartment Tower connected to a garage with a spacious rooftop garden. Anyone […]

  • Cambridge – The #1 Place to Shop

    When shopping in any retail store the average shopper would never think that there could possibly be an undercover shopper amongst them. This is exactly what happened to Cambridge recently as 30 independent retailers in the city received mystery shopping visits from undercover shoppers testing to see how the customer service was rated. This was […]

  • Boston Office Vacancy Down at Year’s End

    ABG Commercial Advisors Q4 Boston Office Market Report At the end of last year, Boston’s Office market finished the fourth quarter with a vacancy rate of 9.6%, down from the third quarter numbers of 9.8%. While the absorption rate is down from third to fourth quarter, rental rates showed a slight increase. Furthermore, vacant sublease […]

  • Boston Retail Market Shows Little Change

    ABG Commercial Advisors Q4 Boston Retail Report The Boston retail market did not experience much change in market conditions throughout the previous year. The market ended the fourth quarter 2013 with an overall vacancy of rate of 4.3%, showing no change from the previous quarter. Vacancy rates stayed the same from the previous quarter at […]

  • Boston Industrial Market Continues to Show Improvement

    ABG Commercial Advisors Q4 Boston Industrial Market Report By the end of 2013, Boston’s Industrial market continued the improvement it showed at the beginning of the year. The market ended the fourth quarter 2013 with an overall vacancy rate of 8.9%, down from the 10% rate from the end of the first quarter. In fact, […]