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  • Calling All Chocolate Lovers

    On a cold and frigid day, and at anytime of the day there is nothing better than a scorching mug of hot chocolate. Not only is Boston known for its extravagant restaurants it’s also known for its cafes. If you’re looking for that perfect drink to heat you up after a cold day out and […]

  • Kendall Square Startup – CoUrbanize

    A new Kendall Square startup, coUrbanize, creates websites which serve as a meeting place to hold community project and development discussions. This “has become a player in Cambridge civic life” according to Cambridge Daily. coUrbanize recently took a look at “bankification” in Harvard Square and Central squares and compared the number of banks to cafes. […]

  • Kendall Apartment Tower with Garden New and Improved

    When in Boston the constant bustling of all surroundings can be overbearing at times. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to relax, or if you’re a nature loving individual you can come appreciate some of the beauties in life with The Kendall Apartment Tower connected to a garage with a spacious rooftop garden. Anyone […]

  • Pilo 5 Star Quality Finds a Home at Everett Mills

    Agents Stephanie Deering and Jean Silva of ABG Realty recently leased the Everett Mills space in Lawrence to Pilo 5 Star Quality. The sewing contractor company was founded in 2006 by Hector Rosado and they work on a variety of products including swimwear, infant wear, dance wear, athletic apparel, and a number of accessories. Pilo is one […]

  • BRA Raises Pay For First Time In 5 Years

    BRA raises pay for first time in 5 years The Boston Redevelopment Authority has increased many on its employees’ salaries for the first time in 5 years. All except for top earners within the organization received a 3% increase relative to 2012 salaries. Spokeswoman of the BRA Susan Elsebree said, “This was the right time […]

  • CrossFit Woburn: A New Way to Get Fit

      Stephanie Deering of ABG Realty recently conducted business with CrossFit Woburn to find a commercial real estate property that would suit all of their real estate needs. The lessor and lessee were able to find a convenient large open athletic facility in Woburn. This multi-tenanted complex came equipped with high quality turf and rolled rubber flooring […]