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  • Farm-to-Table Restaurants Becoming the New Neighborhood Eatery

    photo by: Farm-to-table is the new trend, and Boston’s restaurant scene has really picked up on it. From sourcing ingredients from local food vendors and becoming a true part of the neighborhood, farm-to-table restaurants are receiving tremendous success right now. Most of these farm-to-table restaurants have an atmosphere different from any other type of […]

  • What are customers expecting from the coffee house

    1. A coffee house that matches with consumers’ lifestyles. If your sweet spot is located in an area crowded with colleges and offices, make a little effort to make the place comfortable for working and socializing. If your sweet spot is located in an area with significant high foot and car traffic, give some thought […]

  • Mind Map of A Restaurateur

    Already finished the research about consumers and competitors in a specific area you want to jump in? Good! Then, it’s time to pick up a space to start your restaurant. The direct asking rent per square feet for a retail space normally is lower than a restaurant space. Renting a retail space seems a good […]

  • Healthier Economy Brings Better Business Opportunities

      The Business Monitor International upgraded their 2014 real GDP growth forecast from 2.7% to 2.8% with growth set to average 2.4% per year from 2013-2018. Our economy is recovering. With a growing external trade demand from the key US trade partners, including Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom, both the industrial and office segments […]

  • Cambridge Attracting More History Fans and Commercial Investors

    Waiting for the new episode of the True Detective or Once Upon a Time? Consider yourself a mystery, history or architecture fan? Stretch your legs and get ready to explore the fascinating historical Cambridge Common Historic District on a sunny morning. The Cambridge Common Historic District is a historic district located in one of the […]

  • 410 in 2014: Dunkin’ Brands Looking to Expand

    Dunkin’ Brands, which includes Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants and Baskin Robbins,  has announced that they’re planning to open up to 410 new franchises across the United States in 2014.  Currently, Dunkin’ Brands is on a 5% net annual development rate, and plans to stay on that path throughout this year. Dunkin’s Brands has been privately owned […]

  • ABG Commercial Helps Bring Fuji to Assembly Row

    Fuji is coming to Somerville as part of the ongoing development of Assembly Row. Julian Lewis of ABG Realty was the sole broker in the transaction of 4,361 square feet of restaurant space between the JP Fuji Group and Federal Realty Investment Trust, the group behind the Row’s construction. This massive urban mixed-use development hopes […]

  • Local Restaurants Taking a Green Initiative

    The Nature Conservancy recently decided to honor local restaurants that are “going green” through serving locally sourced meals and maintaining energy-efficient facilities. Last month the TNC named five eateries around the Boston area as finalists for its prestigious Nature’s Plate Award. Here are a few notable restaurants that made the final list: Area Four – Located […]

  • Magoun Square to get another restaurant

    A local food truck company plans to open their first restaurant in Somerville’s Magoun Square. This is a major move for Pennypackers, a small company which currently operates with two trucks, one in South Boston and the other near Boston University in Brookline. The company’s Facebook page states that the Somerville Zoning Board of Appeals gave the […]

  • Historic eatery Locke-Ober closes doors

    Lock-Ober, a 137-year-old restaurant closed its doors indefinitely this weekend. The historic eatery, which has served royalty, presidents, and movie stars, now has a sign outside stating that is closed for business. The restaurant was founded in the late 19th century by a Frenchman named Luis Ober. Since it’s founding it has become a landmark […]

  • Frye Boots Co. to Open Shop On Newbury

    Frye Boots Co. to Open Shop On Newbury

    Charley’s Eating and Drinking Saloonon Newbury closed its door’s less than a week ago.  Now Frye Boot Co. is looking to open up shop in Charley’s place.  Looking to sign as early as Friday, the 8,000 square foot property will undoubtedly be off the market soon. Frye Boots is a 149-year-old company, and has its […]