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  • Shrink Your Taxes By Trading Your Properties Instead Of Selling

    Oops, here comes a rainy day and you need cash? You find a better location for your business or you are doing very well and need a bigger space for your growing business? Well, whatever reason people might have to sell their properties, there is one thing that everyone would be concerned about—how much tax […]

  • Deval Patrick notifies cities about road repair program

    On Monday, Governor Deval Patrick notified cities and towns of their share of a $300 million statewide road repair program. However, in the letter Patrick warned that the program would only progress at that magnitude if additional state revenues were raised. The program, Chapter 90, increases statewide funding to $300 million, a 50% increase from […]

  • Commercial property tax increases in 2013

    Commercial property tax has increased in and around the Boston area. The 2013 numbers are out and communities such as Everett, Framingham, and Holyoke experienced increases in their already sky high rates. Everett’s commercial property rate is much higher than any other city in the area at $43.04 for every $1,000 of assessed property value. […]

  • Massachusetts clean energy firms file for bankrupcy

    In the past week, two Massachusetts based clean energy firms declared bankruptcy. On Wednesday, clean energy firm Satcon Technology Corp. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The firm, which specializes in the production of conversion equipment utilities for solar panels, defaulted on $16 million dollar loan from Silicon Valley Bank and Compass Horizon Funding Company LLC […]

  • Property Taxes to Increase

    Property Taxes to Increase

    Residents of Massachusetts can expect an increase in the average property owner’s tax rate by next year.  The Department of Revenue has reported that 21 community property tax rates have been approved and all but the towns of Eastham and Alford plan to increase rates on residential and commercial property (Boston Business Journal). The expected […]

  • The Cost of Upkeep: The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

    The Cost of Upkeep: The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

    State officials have announced a plan to ask businesses neighboring the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway to help pay upkeep costs. Currently, the park is run by the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, a government funded non-profit organization. State officials hope to conserve public funding by instituting a tax on surrounding business owners to pay for […]